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Posted on April 7, 2011


Monday April 4th

We are in our third week of the tour and currently back in the car on our way to Northern California, my childhood home.  Unfortunately the last three days have been miserable for myself.  I have never had a very bad problem with allergies and all of a sudden I guess I have them!  Maybe I lost my immunity to certain pollens since I have been removed from California for about 11 years now.  Anyways, my ears, eyes and sinuses are a wreck, but we tread on!

Our first two shows post SXSW on the tour have been successful in many different ways.  The first show in LA was for the Comfort the Children International “High Rollers for Hope”, this specific casino night is put on annually by the amazing Brianna Carmen to benefit CTC International.  The night was an absolutely fantastic night of gambling, silent auction, sushi, saaki, networking and fundraising.  By the end of the night Comfort the Children International raised 27,000$ for their projects in Maai Mahiu, Kenya!  The room was filled with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Aaron Paul, Mike Erwin, Bobby Chang, Yrmis Barroeta and others.  Mande and I had a great conversation with one of the producers of the Bachelor and Bachelorette and his wife, they had numerous questions about Veritas and our vision of “Inspiring Hope through the Arts”.  We have been in contact with them following the event and they are interested in the possibility of Veritas being featured in future productions.

The next few days we relaxed at the Sullivan house in Mission Viejo.  Micah and his wife Joy are some of our closest friends, they helped Mande and i celebrate our 10 year Anniversary with amazing steaks, Newcastles, wine and an amazing cake. (all a surprise to us) The next few days we relaxed, worked on new designs (coming soon), video editing, playing Bocce ball and a bit of Bean Baggery!

After a few days of working and relaxing, we were privileged to have one of the Veritas Artist Collective Artists in Los Angeles for the opening of his Exhibition “Forever Young”.  We jumped in the Veritas home (our Honda Element) and cruised back to the city for the opening.  Artist J Taylor killed it!  The show was amazing in so many ways, it may have been one of the most culturally diverse art shows I have been to in a long time.  J’s recent work was stellar, you can tell he has been taking risks in his work that are paying off.  The evening was just what we needed and proved once again why we love, support and promote J. Taylor’s work and character.

Our second show was in Old Town Orange at the home of CJ and Kelly Casciotta for a collaboration with Sounds Like A Movement. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Southern california for a house show.  The parrots of Orange welcomed us in as we pulled the Veritas trailer in to set up.  By the time the show started the house was full and the crowd backed up past the front porch to hear the sounds of Son of Heatwave, Slings, and the California Condors .  (Much love and thanks to Cafe Luca for providing insane coffee.)  We met a lot of new people and had incredible discussions about investing in your local communities, opening up your home as a creative outlet to bridge social gaps and many other topics as well.  Some friends of ours came down for the show, the newly crowned California kid Ben Terry, Veronica DeLuca, Meredith Parker, Corey and Olivia Bogardus and the internationally recognized LV Hanson.  The night closed with Mande, Grant, Meredith and I cruising back to Mission Viejo to the Sullivan house for a few days of relaxation and hang out time.  Sitting around a table and talking with friends for hours is a favorite pastime of ours and we have been able to fill that cup in the last two weeks!

Wednesday April 6th

We just arrived in Foresthill, CA my hometown in the Sierra Nevada’s last night on the heel of Thread Show San Diego and another home show in Merced were I got to reconnect with another long time friend and her family.  But we will discuss that on my next rant.  Today we hiked, played in snow and laughed a lot!  Tomorrow we get ready for two back to back shows in the home of my parents, who are currently in Gulu, Uganda teaching and building solar powered and brick ovens.  Sorry we are are going to miss you mom and dad, but thanks for the space!

I should have the first Episode of our Into the Valley self-created series up in the next few days, so be prepared!  See you on the road!

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