Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush

Posted on August 24, 2010


We are a little more than halfway (1 month) through our Road Tour V.2 and I am writing this to you from a hotel room in Bend, Oregon a few hours after spending most of our day awestruck at Crater Lake.  We ran around, took a ton of pictures of us enjoying a day outdoors as well as filming Jonathan Combs playing Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter at sunset with all of Oregon opened up in the distance. The day was majestic.

As we rolled into Bend ready to take a rest at a local brewery we got some very exciting news that we had been waiting for.  We have been secretly working on a small project with One Tree Hill’s Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush.  Austin and Sophia asked us if we would support  their efforts in cleaning up the Gulf Coast along with Global Green, we didn’t hesitate.  Not only are we fan’s of One Tree Hill (Austin and Sophia) but we are fans of protecting the Gulf and the waters that surround us.  Ty and Mande Clark (Veritas Founders) spend a week every summer in Galveston, TX with the Combs family and friends and have fallen in love with the Texas coast. Ty’s history working for Quiksilver and growing up on the beaches of Monterey and Santa Barbara also play a huge part in their support of Austin and Sophia’s idea.  So, we at Veritas came up with a one of a kind shirt to support their efforts.  Here is a picture of Austin and Sophia in the 100% organic V-Neck shirt titled “Servo Aequora” that can be purchased on our site for $38.00:  SERVO AEQUORA AT LIVEVERITAS.COM

Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush in Veritas Fashion top "Servo Aequora"

The design itself was created by Veritas Founder/Designer Ty Clark (known in the Art world as SAMO4PREZ) from his original painting “She Remembers”.  Veritas will be giving 15$ for every shirt sold towards their Gulf Coast clean up efforts.

The Story behind the Design:

The woman in the shirt is from the SAMO4PREZ original painting “She Remembers”, a piece based on a woman’s distant memories of tragedy.  Paired with an ancient map of North America where the waters were once pure and untouched the design plays on tragedy and the memories of what once was (the waters before mans non-ability to keep them clean and protected). The latin text “Servo Aeequora” at the top translates “Protect the Waters”.  Here is the original painting and the raw design.  The original painting is available for purchase at:

"She Remembers" and "Servo Aequora" by SAMO4PREZ

Here is a short video of Austin and Sophia with Global Green.

If you are interested in supporting them aside from purchasing the shirt, Austin and Sophia are  raising funds for a half marathon that they will be running in on November 7, 2010 to support the Clean up efforts as well. Here are the links.
Sophia Bush:
Austin Nichols: